Monday, February 6, 2006

Xterra on TV

The Xterra World Championship was on TV yesterday. That;s right, Super Bowl Sunday. Yeah, it was on at noon while the rest of the world was sleeping, or making food, or getting ready for a super bowl party, but I'll bet I knew where every xterraist in the USA was yesterday.

It was great to see our sport in TV, major network, nationwide. I am a huuuge hater of commercials (who isn't) but it was great to see commercials about things important to me. When was the last time YOU saw a mountainbike commercial on TV...for that matter when was the last time you saw ANY bike commercial on TV. You dont. Well except yesterday from noon to 1pm.

I have the last 3 years of world championships with the coveted "Save until I delete" status on my Tivo. Anyone who wants to see is welcome to come by...bring beer, or get your copy here.

See you on the trails.