Saturday, May 20, 2006

2006 Odyssey Off Road Triathlon

Here is my bullet highlighted list of Odyssey 2006. The race was awesome, epic, and brutal all at the same time. I had my best finish ever, 4th overall. A great day with awesome friends.

* Camping, no rain.
* Nervous as hell
* Super cold water
* Swim pulling left into the trees
* Blurry vision out of the water for a while
* Climb up, up, up.
* Pass Konrad who is having a rough day
* Hauling ass, twisted ankle.
* Fastest run split of the whole race
* Hike #1
* Here comes Roger...
* Rough ridge, no juice, bonking and hurting
* Different racing up front, all alone and I feel chased.
* Hike #2, dying, dying, dying
* Is that pierre? All I hear is him right around the corner
* Elation corssing the line
* Collapse

That is all I'm capable of writing. This race is best experienced and is often too painful to relive, come race it with me, it will make a new person out of you.